The Company

Bottega del Cuoio is a Neapolitan company specializing in the handcrafted production of high-profile men's and women's belts. An industry leader for four generations, Bottega del Cuoio was founded in 1950 by the passion of the founder Mario Autore and is now led by his son Carlo, who is attentive to fashion tastes and customer needs while maintaining the tradition and quality of craftsmanship. The company has always produced leather accessories for the most important Italian luxury brands and is based on very high quality standards, submitting itself periodically to ethical and social controls.

One of the values we are proud of is having a young workforce, key to the company's growth and generational change dictated by modern fashion. A few years ago we launched the brand
"Cinture d'Autore," a brand of high-quality leather accessories with an evolved concept aimed at the most demanding consumers.
In fact, our belts are distributed not only in Italy but also around the world.

Although Bottega del Cuoio is an established industry reality, we aim to export our products abroad on a large scale and remain a strong point of reference for the companies that have chosen us and for those that will decide to entrust us with valuable new projects.